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Neurons Solution Services

We love to surpass your expectation and always keep connected with our clients, we believe that Smarter Business Solutions Better Customer Relations, our business brings innovation and strategic thinking making our service unique, honest, and transparent. Our professionals run the business to exceed our clients’ expectations, but mostly to build long term relationships

The benefits of having a contact center: Having a good customer service experience determine if you become a loyal customer, especially living in a worldwide era and all options out there. So providing a professional interaction it’s a must if you are looking to succeed.


Our main goal has always been customer satisfaction and makes it possible to build that long relationship between our clients and their customers. Allowing your business to focus on what you really have to!


Costa Rica is attractive due to its stable economy, but for the education level known as number one in Central America, over 10% of the population adopted English as a second language and this percentage is improving every year. The Gross domestic product (GDP) is highly impacted by Tech and Customer Services. Besides that, the country offers good security and a democratic republic government. Costa Rica also provides bank benefits by having private and state banks. There is no doubt that we can offer you the best class service.


ADDRESS: San Jose Costa Rica

TEL: 1-888-333-2006 


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Why Costa Rica





Transform our client's problems into solutions and opportunities with the best class service.

Our Values represent our business as long as we start creating new connections and partners, we make sure that the best class service is provided, it is our top priority when serving our clients to transmit in every communication the following values:  

  • Respect: In every situation, employees and clients deserve to be treated with respect. 

  • Integrity: Be honest and build trust to create a long relationship. 

  • Passion: Everything we do, we do it with passion and enthusiasm letting us discover opportunities in every challenge. 

  • Accountability: Having ownership of our work convinces our clients and shows our great results at the same time we create confidence within our team. 

To be recognized as key strategic partner throughout the word by creating long term relationship while facilitating our customers their daily work with passion and transparency.


Outsourcing Solution

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